Did You Know? Many People Are Facing A Smartphone Addiction

SmartPhone Addiction

Recent research on mobile is shocking. According to research from King’s College London, other serious problems can arise if you are facing a Smartphone addiction. Symptoms such as insomnia and restlessness appear due to sudden departure from the mobile. This is according to research conducted on 1,043 mobile users. The age of the users …

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Millions of digital images auctioned:Digital JPG file of American artist Beeple sold for Rs 501 crore, became a billionaire overnight

digital images

Do You Know Beeple Digital Images ? A total of 5,000 photographs have been included in this collage of beeples Beeple has also worked with pop star Justin Bieber, Katy Perry The collage was auctioned off by Christie’s, a British auction house You may have read the news that the …

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Memory Boosting Exercises : DO You Forget the little things?

Memory Boosting exercises

Memory Boosting Exercises Closing your eyes and remembering it creates images in your mind Drink small amounts of tea and coffee to boost memory Don’t you remember the little things? So don’t worry now. The solution to this problem has been found by British researchers. You can boost memory just by closing your …

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Let’s Know About Yosemite Valley’s Mystery of Firefall

yosemite firefall

A picture of a glowing orange waterfall called ‘Firefall‘ in the Yosemite Valley of America is going viral. Some social media users are also reporting the lava falling from the falls. According to the National Park Service, this happens in February. In the last 2 weeks of February, the sun’s rays coming from …

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How I Can Increse to My Longevity – Health – Informationnet


If you want longevity According to research, fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer as we age. Don’t include starchy foods in your diet, it does not benefit health If you want Longevity, American scientists have discovered the secret for you. According to him, if …

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Japan Kuju Flower park blossomed with 3.5 million flowers of 500 varieties

Flower park

Japan Kuju Flower park Japan Kuju Flower Park, spread over 54 acres, is flourishing. As soon as spring came, 35 lakh flowers of 500 varieties bloomed here. The park will open to tourists on Saturday. However, locals fear that if the number of tourists increases, Tantra will make the park …

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Best English quotes – Love, Inspirational, Good Morning – Best English quotes for 2021

Best English Quotes

Download 2021 New Best Free English Quotes Here Here are English quotes for love, English quotes for friendship, English quotes motivational, English quotes inspirational, English quotes for friends, English quotes Good Morning, English quotes Good Night, English quotes success, English quotes happiness, English quotes for students, English quotes for life, …

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Nature Amazing Videos | 4K Nature Video Free Download

nature pictures

Watch our Nature amazing videos and learn more about wildlife, environment, plants, birds, animals, Flowers, or insects. Watch a wide range of free 4k Nature Video and exploring our planet and all its beautiful trees, flowers, birds and wildlife. Here all category Nature Amazing Videos available. Just like Nature Short …

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How to Make Pakora Fritters | New Recipe 2020 | Easy Way

pakora fritters

Ingredient Brinjal – 2-3 (small size) Gram flour – 1 cup Green coriander – 2 tbsp (finely chopped) Green chilly – 2 (finely chopped) Ginger – 1 inch piece (make paste or take 1 tsp ginger paste) Green coriander – 1/2 tsp Salt – 1/2 tsp Red chilly powder – …

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