Memory Boosting Exercises : DO You Forget the little things?

Memory Boosting Exercises

  • Closing your eyes and remembering it creates images in your mind
  • Drink small amounts of tea and coffee to boost memory

Don’t you remember the little things? So don’t worry now. The solution to this problem has been found by British researchers. You can boost memory just by closing your eyes. Yes, according to research by a British researcher, memorizing with eyes closed increases memory by 23% compared to memorizing with eyes open. The research is published in the Journal of Legal and Criminological Psychology.

Memory Boosting  Exercises
Memory Boosting Exercises : According to research by a British researcher, remembering with eyes closed increases memory by 23% compared to remembering with eyes open.

Closing the eyes seems to mind images of Aston University’s psychology department, says lecturer and researcher Robert Nash, then taken monitor hatali Disturb signs from things around the brain, which increases the ability to install harmony. It increases concentration and boosts memory power.

Memory Boosting Exercises

Closing your eyes, Robert says, seems to create a picture in the mind of old stories and information. Research says that with stress and restlessness things become harder to remember. Never put too much pressure on the brain if you try to remember anything.

Researchers surveyed 29,500 people Australian researchers surveyed 29,500 people online. Here are 6 ways to improve memory after the survey:

  • Do not watch TV for more than 1 hour daily
  • Minimize alcohol intake. Avoid taking drugs
  • Read novels and books.
  • Solve the crossword.
  • If you are a carnivore, consume fish.
  • Drink only a limited amount of coffee and tea.

The Connection to Memory and Obesity There is also a connection between obesity and memory, according to research from the University of Vermont and Yale University. According to research, children with higher than normal BMI (body mass index) have lower working memory. The research analyzed data from 10,000 teenagers for 10 years. These children were checked every 2 years and their blood samples were taken. His brain was also scanned.

Understand the difference between short term and long term memory.

We work with 2 types of memory. One short term and the other long term. Short term memory can only last 20 to 30 seconds. This memory is for the work and ideas we are working on at the time. While long term memory lasts for many days, months and decades. These memories are stored in the mind and are remembered when we need them. Closing your eyes and thinking about it makes it easier to bring back such memories.

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