Let’s Know About Yosemite Valley’s Mystery of Firefall

A picture of a glowing orange waterfall called ‘Firefall‘ in the Yosemite Valley of America is going viral. Some social media users are also reporting the lava falling from the falls. According to the National Park Service, this happens in February. In the last 2 weeks of February, the sun’s rays coming from behind the falls make it look orange.

The waterfall can be seen after online booking

People have not been able to come here this year to see the 2,000-foot waterfall in Yosemite Valley. Due to Corona, a certain number of people are getting entry after online booking. The number of people here is being reduced every year. According to media reports, the number of tourists and photographers here is high and the rock is being damaged so the number was limited.

The beauty of the falls in winter and spring
yosemite firefall
An orange waterfall called ‘Firefall‘ in the Yosemite Valley of America

According to the National Park Service, the view of the falls is worth seeing in winter and spring. If the season is right, the sun’s rays fall on the falls and the beauty here takes four moons. Many a times tourists come here to see this scene but then they get frustrated as it does not happen.

Ronak Rises
yosemite firefall
The sun’s rays in the evening enhance the beauty of the falls

In the evening The best time to see the falls here is in the evening. The sky is clear at this time. If there are some clouds in the sky then the direct rays of the sun do not reach here so the beautiful picture of orange color is not seen.

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