Japan Kuju Flower park blossomed with 3.5 million flowers of 500 varieties

Japan Kuju Flower park

Japan Kuju Flower Park, spread over 54 acres, is flourishing. As soon as spring came, 35 lakh flowers of 500 varieties bloomed here. The park will open to tourists on Saturday. However, locals fear that if the number of tourists increases, Tantra will make the park desolate. That is why people appealed that only limited number of tourists should be given entry every day so that the crowd does not gather. However, if the number increases, the park will be streamed live and photos will be posted on social media.

Flower park
Flower park

Mr Esaki, 52, who oversees the park, says the park is open from March to September. Last year it was time to wake up as people were coming here even in lockdown. At the same time, they were not following Corona’s rules. Tantra then closed the park and streamed it live to give people a glimpse of the park. The photos were posted on social media and the website. This saved the park from becoming desolate. The city of Taketa, with a population of 23,000, receives one million tourists every year.

Last year, 8 lakh tulip flowers were uprooted. Fursuka Square Park in Sakura , Japan is spread over an area of ​​7 thousand square meters. Last year, 8 lakh flowers of 100 varieties of tulips bloomed here which were uprooted. Officials, meanwhile, said the flowers were plucked to maintain social distance due to the corona.

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