Do You Know? Our Body 10% More Burn Calories In The Early Morning And Afternoon

This news is for you if you are on a diet or always worried about burning your calories. According to research published in the medical journal ‘Current Biology‘, our bodies burn 10% more calories in the afternoon and early morning. During this period your boady automatically starts burning your calories.

Scientists claim in research published in medical journal ‘Current Biology

How many calories should i burn a day?

According our body burn 10% more calories in the Afternoon and early morning in a day.

The body’s circadian rhythm burn calories due to our internal clock. This same clock tells us about hunger and sleep. This clock automatically determines when your body should burns calories.

Circadian Rhythm
Circadian Rhythm

Research For Burn Calories

Scientists did a research to understand the connection between internal clock and calorie burning. It understood the role of circadian rhythm in regulating metabolism. For this, research was done on 7 volunteers. They didn’t even have a watch or a phone. They were ordered to eat, sleep and wake up from time to time.

During this time, the sleep cycle and metabolism of the volunteers were observed. Research found that late at night he burned fewer calories while in the evening and morning he burned the most calories.

There needs to be a proper weight loss schedule

want to lose weight
want to lose weight

Research explains that people who want to lose weight should make a proper schedule of sleeping and schedule of eating. It does not confuse the circadian rhythm of the body and burns calories from the body at the right time.

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