Did You Know? African Rain Frog

The species is only found on the southern slopes of the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa .Since the Black African Rain Frog is a burrowing species, it inhabits fynbos and forest fringes and doesn’t even need the presence of open water!

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(Image credits: Delport Botma)

This frowning frog isn’t actually disappointed or sad that’s just how the Black Rain Frog looks.

African Rain Frog
(Image credits: weshalljoinourhouses)

When the Black Rain Frog feels threatened, it blows up like a little balloon to intimidate predators. Swollen, angry, and ready for battle, these frogs could look more like pissed-off avocados if they tried.

The world is filled with so many precious and interesting animals, and it’s such a joy to keep learning about the many wonderful creatures we share our planet with.

* What do Rain Frogs Eat?

They eat beetles, insects, and their larvae. The rain frog develops directly from the egg to adult; passing over the tadpole phase unlike other species of frogs.

* How long do African Rain Frog Live?

The African Rain Frog can live for a period ranging from 4 years to 15 years. This is the normal lifespan. However, Breviceps macrops is an endangered species as sadly Man is fast wiping out this amphibian from the world and has become its biggest predator.

*How big do African Rain Frogs get?

The African rain frog is a small, plump species with bulging eyes, a short snout, short limbs, spade-like feet, and webbed toes. On the underside, it has a transparent area of skin through which its internal organs can be seen. The size of this frog can span between 4 to 6 centimetres.

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