Cool Lake Located in Bistrita – Colibita Lake

Colibita Lake is an artificial accumulation lake on the Calimani mountains, just 40 km away from Bistrita city, has become attractive for both Romanian and foreign tourists due to its virgin beauty and opportunities for leisure: Kayaking on the lake, swimming, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, river rafting on the Bistrita river, and interesting activities that kept tourists coming, allowing the area to flourish. It is surrounded by wooded hills, at the foot of which a fine sand beach was set up. On the shore of the lake tourists can find accommodation in guesthouses and board and lodgings, or rent bungalows located close to the water.

Colibita Cool Lake

Cool Lake - Colibita Lake
Colibita Cool Lake

In this small village of Bistrita you will find this amazing place. You have many activities to do and the people are very friendly. Don’t miss it!

cool lake
Cool Lake

The easiest way to get here is surely by car. There is no public transportation available. But for those of you who are braver, there is another challenge to accept. You can take the train from Bistrița to Bistrița Bârgăului. Then there are two possibilities: just follow the main road (about 3 hours of walking) or go up through the woods. From Bistrița Bârgăului there is a forest way for hiking which you can’t miss as it follows the ancient Roman Road. On the way, you will encounter a spectacular landscape.

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